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My Daily Journey towards HEALING!

I am creating this blog assuming that there is that one person like me yearning to get

better , let go of things they could not control and breaking the generational Trauma!

Each of us have a Childhood that either DEFINED us or DERAILED us.. some of us grow like a tiny plant from rocks, while some of us get lost at the bottom of the well , unheard.

Mine was a mediocre journey , where I had to fall many times to rise up, with no one but myself to hold on to , and keep going..

My family both mom and dad have TONS OF EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE , where there was poverty, betrayal, greed , death , abuse ..that succumbed them both to extreme case of anxiety and fear .. They tried as good parents , but failed or did not have the set up to deal with their TRAUMA.. they passed it on .. and here I am trying to break that pattern..

First step is to identify that you are in that pattern. That happened to me in my late thirties almost 6 years ago and here I am piecing together , everything so I can HEAL.

If you are like me , trying to break a pattern.. follow my blog to see if it aligns with you.

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