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Books like these are workout for the mind

I am not an AVID reader . I used to be one during my high school days and it took couple decades to get back to reading .. what can I say  , LIFE HAPPENED..

Breaking the habit of being yourself

This is a must read for everyone , irrespective of where we are at our life right now. Happy or UNHAPPY , spiritual or religious or neither , this books explains a lot of fundamental , in simple terms. The author is not just any other author , but also a profound coach .If you have not heard about Dr Joe Dispenza , pleas search him up and listen to podcasts or audio books. 


Find your type

This deep and involved book  called


Heard about it in a podcast of Jay Shetty and also a audio book of Zach Lewis "RADICAL LOVE". Find your type and associate yourselves with all the patterns you get stuck to . Example I am a type 2 and I always was a people pleaser , which is NOT a good characteristic on any individual, but this book helped me understand why I am the way I am..

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