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From the Heart:

My Mindful zone is all about , finding your passion , loving yourself and GIVING BACK.
This is to emphasize , we are all HUMANS beyond religion, race ,gender,politics , age or anything that differentiate each of us.
See more for yourselves....

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Why I do what I do?


This is not a website for business , but a platform to advertise what I BELIEVE as my calling.. I create these beautiful mandalas outside of my day job , to be mindful, heal myself from all my disbeliefs and limitations and convert them to something meaningful. I started selling these mandalas for a very low margin and donate the profits to charity.

Its not the money , but the value it brings matters and I hope you would support me to support this bigger cause.

Donating since 11/2022 :

1,170 USD

The intent is CREATE TO DONATE.
If you are with me and have no judgement , click on the  button below to join me in my path to GIVE BACK.
Also check out the FOR SALE tab for purchase inquiries and the CREATIONS,2023 progress tab for all my previous work .

My First attempt and how it all started

I have a story to tell for all my work .. This is the story of how I got here. It all started with a used shampoo bottle. When I was at my hair salon , I liked how my hair dresser had used her empty bottles as decors , which added a great vibe . She asked me if I wanted any and I said Yes, thinking I will use it to grow my pathos (money plant). She did'nt give me just one or two, but like a dozen.

I took it home and realized one of my friend had done beautiful dot arts on empty wine bottles and I wanted to give it a "shot". I got 3 different paint from Target and used tooth pick, other end of paint brushes and random tools to dot them .. it was awful, but hey , I started somewhere.


Just in time when COVID hit and we were all in lock down , I kept dotting and then picked this black canvas at home, begged and borrowed some extra colors from my teenage daughter .. to create this piece in April 2020 , just in time when the red roses bloom in abundance , I found .... My first LOVE!! I dont think this is a coincidence ...We were meant to be ..



My name is Viji and I am a regular not so different , IT professional mom who wants to be different and create an identity NOT by the profession but with my PASSION ! 

This blog captures what my passion is , where i got started at life and where I am heading towards each day!


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